Frequently Asked Questions

What does the service cost?

Our fee is a simple contingency fee percentage of your tax savings. In other words, if we don’t reduce your assessed value, there’s no fee. But we’re confident we can save you money. You have nothing to lose.

As the property owner, what do we have to do?

The only thing we need is the engagement document allowing us to represent you. We will file your protest, create the evidence and argue on your behalf to obtain a reduced assessed value. Of course, if you have additional evidence such as condition issues, please discuss with your representative during your initial consultation.

Will an assessed value reduction lower my sales price if I decide to sell my property?

Not at all! The assessed value serves as the basis for your annual property tax. Market value, on the other hand, is determined by the economics of supply and demand. However, if a potential buyer sees that your tax obligation is less than that of your neighbor, your property will likely be more appealing.